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Neighbourhood Policing is at the heart of our approach to keeping South Wales safe. Your local team is made up of officers and PCSOs based in this area who are both visible and accessible.

We work closely with residents, community leaders, the local authority and other partners to understand and respond to community concerns. By working together and focussing on early intervention, prevention and problem solving we can find long-term solutions to local problems.

Please note that to report a crime or incident to South Wales Police, you can visit South-wales.police.uk or in an emergency, please dial 999.

Roath & Cathays Neighbourhood Policing Team

Lewis Andrews (South Wales Police, NBM, NPT)

Lewis Andrews


ROSS EDWARDS (Police Officer, PC, Cathays NPT)

Ross Edwards



Darcy French (Police, Pcso, Roath )

Darcy French



Gareth Hillier (Police, PC, Cathays NPT)

Gareth Hillier



Gerallt Hughes (South Wales Police, Inspector, Roath and Cathays Neighbourhood Team)

Gerallt Hughes


Jacob  Inglis (South Wales Police, Neighbourhood Policing Support Officer , Cathays and Roath )

Jacob Inglis

Neighbourhood Policing Support Officer


Michelle Portelli (Police , PCSO, Cathays NPT)

Michelle Portelli



Rosie Smith (Police, PCSO, Cathays NPT)

Rosie Smith



Elen Tam (South Wales Police, PCSO, Cathays NPT Cardiff)

Elen Tam



Louise Tew (South Wales Police, Sergeant, Roath & Cathays)

Louise Tew



Joshua Thorn (South Wales Police, Police Community Support Officer, Cathays)

Joshua Thorn

Police Community Support Officer


Samuel Worrell (Police, PCSO, Cathays/Plasnewydd)

Samuel Worrell



Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in the area. The word cloud below represents the issues that residents of Plasnewydd have highlighted as priorities for the area recently (including some that say “I have no issues”).

Word clouds are graphical representations of word frequency that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. The larger the word in the visual below the more common the word was in the local survey.

We seek to tackle the issues raised in line with our Local Policing Plan.

To 'Have your say' on local issues, please click on the button below to complete a short survey.

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