About Us

In South Wales Police, our PCSOs and Officers are proud to be at the heart of the local area they serve.

We want to ensure that our neighbourhood policing is as efficient and effective as it can be, and our aim is to be the best in the country at understanding and responding to the needs and priorities of each individual community.

Engaging with our communities sits right at the heart of our model of neighbourhood policing. It is about connecting with individuals, organisations, businesses, schools, workplaces and others; working to tackle your priorities; and putting measures in place to prevent issues from escalating – or from occurring in the first place.

As we continue to enhance our service to you, we have introduced South Wales Listens – a free messaging service from South Wales Police, which allows you to tell the local team what is worrying you, what you want to see change, and to suggest ways we can work with you to make your community better. It will also enable you to ask for information, whether that be getting crime prevention advice, the latest information about ongoing incidents, or learning more about what your local police team is doing - the choice is yours.

Through South Wales Listens, you're invited to sign up and tell us what concerns you in your local community. We will also let you know about local engagement events, share crime prevention advice, and provide occasional updates about significant policing activity in your area.

South Wales Listens enables you to send messages directly to your local PCSOs and the neighbourhood policing team. We will listen to what you have to say and then we will share with you the actions we have taken to address your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

Keeping South Wales safe – together.